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Znajdują się tutaj produkty z krótka datą ważności. Są to produkty nadal w pełni wartościowe. Na opakowaniu produktu jest data z opisem “Najlepiej zużyć przed końcem”, jednak jeśli jest nawet po tym terminie, a produkt nie był wcześniej otwierany, to bez obaw można go jeszcze wykorzystać. Jest to jeden ze sposobów wdrażania #Zerowaste w życie, a przy okazji można kupić produkt znacznie taniej!

Concern for the impact we have on the environment is necessary today to preserve our world. I try to take care of the planet by reducing my carbon footprint, and at Biosoma I pay special attention to sorting waste, reducing the use of packaging, especially plastic….


Short expiration date vs. safety of use

BIOSOMA’s online store offers short-dated products. What does this mean? These products have a short shelf life, but are full value. The validity specified by the manufacturer tells how long the preparation retains the shelf life of active substances and microbiological purity. It is also conditioned by the proper storage of individual products. Such cosmetics can still be safely used for 1-2 months.

Short shelf life – what to pay attention to?

When deciding on products with a short expiration date, consider whether you will manage to use up the cosmetic in a short period of time. We can take advantage of the fact that it has a low price and treat it as a tester.

Expiration date – how to read it?

Manufacturers are required to put an expiration date on the package or directly on the product. It can be found, for example, on the sealer or is stamped on the blister. The date format is defined by day, month and year. If only the month and year are shown on the package, it means that the product can be used until the last day of the month indicated.

“Should be consumed by” versus “Best to consume/use before”.

All cosmetics manufacturers are required to list the shelf life of a specific product. Various shelf life markings can be seen on the products:

  • Should be consumed by …
  • Best consumed/eaten before …

The discrepancy between the two ways of stating the validity on the package is significant. The phrase “To be consumed by” specifies the expiration date. It is placed on perishable products. After the expiration date, the manufacturer no longer guarantees the safety of use, thus the product is unfit for consumption. The term “Best before/use by” refers to the minimum shelf life date. It means that when the preparations are stored properly, they retain their properties. After the minimum shelf life, products can still be consumed/used, but they may, lose their qualities, such as smell, taste or texture.

Benefits of purchase

BIOSOMA’s online store offers its natural cosmetics that are about to expire or have even run out. The advantage of products with a short expiration date is their price. It is reduced, while both products are fully valuable, microbiologically pure. So they can still be used for a short time without fear. The price is posted and the expiration date is carefully listed with each product.


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