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100% natural, raw fruit black currant lip balm is a safe cosmetic that will take care of your lips in the best way. It will nourish, moisturize, regenerate. The lotion can also be used by children.

  • preservative-free
  • without alcohol
  • safe for pregnant women
  • without perfumes, essential oils and dyes
  • 100% fresh
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% natural
  • raw

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Fruit lip balm BLACK MORNUT

I wanted to make an edible lip balm, one that is 100% safe and natural. I wanted it to be fruity and tasty 🙂 And here I have for you a cosmetic that smells naturally fruity and can be used by everyone and all ages!

Effect of fruit balm

The combination of raw fruit oils and fruit juice extracts makes the lotion unique and highly effective.

  1. It protects against cracking and dryness of the lips.
  2. Moisturizes, smoothens, regenerates.
  3. It is 100% natural and vegan.
  4. You can eat out of your mouth without fear 🙂

Active ingredients

  • Raw Mango Butter – regenerates the skin, has strong antioxidant properties, helps inhibit skin aging,
  • Raw cranberry oil – rich in nutrients, shows high antioxidant activity, is a free radical scavenger, counted among the ”anti-aging” agents, increases the barrier function of the skin, reduces water loss through the epidermis and increases skin elasticity,
  • Raw raspberry seed oil – nourishes, protects against UV, regenerates,
  • Raw black currant oil – contains two unique fatty acids, GLA and SDA, has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, healing properties. Supports sun protection,
  • Black currant juice extract – is a valuable wealth of vitamin C and anthocyanins, which belong to the flavonoid family. As a result, black currant has antioxidant properties, helps fight free radicals, prevents premature aging and cancer development,
  • Strawberry juice extract – brightens, smooths and firms the skin, is a valuable source of nutrients,
  • Rosemary extract – acts as an antiseptic, accelerates healing processes, strengthens the skin,
  • Vegetable glycerin – improves the appearance of the skin, prevents drying and helps maintain the external protective barrier.

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Raw fruit lip balm

Why raw and fruity? Well, there is, for us humans, no better food than fruit. They contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Only fruits quickly improve our health, well-being and, consequently, the appearance of our skin. They nourish, deacidify and improve lymph flow. That’s why the fruit was the inspiration for making this raw BLACK HERBACE lip balm!


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