It is possible to return jars and bottles of my cosmetics.

Way one: you can return in person to my studio.

The second way: you can send the packages to my studio or return them during a possible fair.

Instructions 😉


1. collect 3 or more packs of BIOSOMA cosmetics.

2 Wash them very thoroughly.

3. do not peel off the label. Packaging (no matter where purchased) must have BIOSOMA labels.

4. packages may or may not have caps/pipettes/dispensers/atomizers.

5. deliver them to me: (a) at the address of BIOSOMA, Paszowice 339; 59-411 Paszowice. This can be done in person Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or (b) via, for example, mail. The costs associated with shipping empty packages are on your side. Of course, I will also accept packages in person at possible cosmetic fairs.

6. send an e-mail informing about the fact of shipping to biuro@biosoma.pl.

7. after you pick up your packages, we will email you a special discount code for your next order at www.biosoma.pl

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