Anti-ageing set Rose serum + A C E serum

Cheaper as a set!

Make yourself a gift and enjoy smooth, soft, happy facial skin! Two simple steps to restore the glow to your face. Now in a set much cheaper.

Rose serum is a professional cosmetic with proven effects. Hydration in the skin increases by more than 70%! More than that, it improves skin tone, firmness, elasticity, smooths skin, reduces wrinkles and brightens skin.

ACE vitamin serum is an excellent product for daily skin care, Designed for all skin types, especially dry, aging and mature skin. It nourishes, smooths and perfectly retains water in the skin.

Some feedback from FB:

Ms. Eve: “Ms. Anna thank you again, these cosmetics are like winning the lottery , to have them on hand
As you say yourself , words are unnecessary.


Ms. Alicia: “I agree
Biosoma cosmetics are sensational, I infected my family and friends with them and they are all satisfied ?

Thank you

Ms. Kasia: “I also highly recommend it! I can’t imagine skincare without a moisturizing serum anymore! Soap with coffee loved the whole family
The deodorant is also a miracle!”





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Cheaper as a set!

Make yourself a gift and enjoy smooth, soft, happy facial skin! Now in a set much cheaper.

biosoma reviews rose serum action

The photo was sent by a client who noticed a spectacular improvement in her skin after several days of using the Rose serum kit together with the ACE vitamin ser um. You can see a reduction in wrinkles, brightening of the skin, and an overall improvement in appearance!


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