Gift set – Smoothing shampoo and conditioner for easy detangling

Not sure what to buy your loved ones for a gift? Choose a kit for frizzy, dry, color-damaged hair!




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Gift set – shampoo and hair serum

The set includes a moisturizingshampoo for dry and unruly hair and a moisturizing leave-in conditioner

Moisturizing shampoo for dry and unruly hair

The shampoo excellently cleanses the scalp of all impurities, excess sebum, dead skin cells and residues of hair styling products. Thanks to the content of vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts, ie. Nettle root or Pine Bark creates the perfect environment for hair growth. They grow faster and are noticeably stronger, more resistant to damage and shinier. The shampoo additionally lifts them slightly at the roots, making the hairstyle delightfully light and naturally voluminous.

Active Ingredients:

  • Aloe vera – calms itchy scalp, especially in seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff). In addition, aloe vera deeply cleanses oily hair – it cleanses the hair shaft, removing sebum and residues from other hair products, while making hair healthier, shinier and softer. Strengthens and regenerates hair strands.
  • Nettle root – Extracts of nettle root have the potential to block dihydroxytestosterone (DHT), which is a hormone whose production in huge quantities can disrupt hair follicles. Scientific studies have shown that nettle root extract can block the production of this hormone and thus help fight hair loss.
  • Cysteine – Cystine is an amino acid that plays a very important role in the keratinization process, as it is the basic building block of keratin. It works on hair quickly and effectively, and even reduces excessive hair loss. Thanks to the presence of a sulfur atom, it can save even very damaged hair by restoring its density and healthy shine.
  • Pine Bark extract – the most potent of the known plant-based antioxidants, more powerful than vitamin E, vitamin C or coenzyme Q10. It is able to regenerate inactive vitamin C and protect vitamin E from oxidation extending the duration of both compounds in the body. It contains 40 biologically active flavonoids, including proanthocyanidins.
  • Vitamin E – improves the condition of skin membranes, moisturizes, properly lubricates, regenerates and nourishes. Thanks to this vitamin, the sebaceous glands work properly, which affects the overall condition of the scalp, and thus the hair. The hair becomes shiny, properly moisturized, smooth and simply beautiful.
  • d-Panthenol – otherwise known as provitamin B5, a derivative ofpantothenic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin, nails and hair. The deficiency manifests itself, among other things. brittleness of nails or increased hair loss, dulling of hair. D-panthenol therefore has a moisturizing effect and restores the hair’s natural shine and healthy appearance.
  • Prolinean amino acidthat plays an important role in the production of collagen and keratin. It also shows a strengthening effect on hair follicles, which is why it is used in preparations againsthair loss.
  • Arginine – is involved in the production of melanin, which is responsible for hair color. Arginine has a rapid elasticity and strengthening effect on hair: it helps restore dry and damaged hair, stimulates the growth of strong hair.

Moisturizing leave-in conditioner

Professional moisturizing leave-in conditioner for easy detangling is a conditioner that does not weigh hair down. Formulated for daily use, it gives instant softness and nourishment. The atomizer provides convenient application. Thanks to plant-based additives, hair roots and skin will be nourished, and hair will be strengthened and smoothed.

Active ingredients

  • Silk protein – thanks to its cysteine content, one of the main amino acids necessary for keratin production, strengthen the hair shaft and help rebuild hair structure. Proteins Silk helps retain moisture on their surface and forms a thin film (protective membrane) on the hair shaft. It makes hair more manageable, less static, flexible, soft, looks healthy and maintains a light, silky shine.
  • Ginseng root – contains about 200 active substances. Its action is mainly antioxidant, revitalizing and improving blood circulation in the skin. And better blood supply to the skin means easier hair regeneration processes. The ginsenosides, glycosides, vitamins B1, B2 and C, proteoglycan and amino acids contained in ginseng have a protective effect against free radicals and strengthen the hair matrix. Hair falls out less and new hair grows back stronger.
  • Inulin – is a fructan belonging to the group of polysaccharides, obtained by extraction first from chicory root or, less frequently, from topinambur root, then purified enzymatically. Inulin in hair cosmetics makes hair smooth and adds shine. It has the natural ability to retain lipophilic ingredients and essential oils on the skin and hair – thus prolonging their effect and making the skin and hair smooth, silky and pleasant to the touch.



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