It smells beautiful and shows a whole range of valuable properties. Shea butter is very widely used in beauty care. Ideal for moisturizing dry skin and hair or chapped lips. Get to know this natural cosmetic and find out that it can constitute a real remedy for many skin problems.

What Is shea butter and how is it made?

A natural cosmetic from Africa is gaining enormous popularity. It is also known as karite butter, but its most popular The name is, of course, shea butter. The moisturizing properties have made it into the many preparations. Shea butter is made from the nuts of the Parka butter tree, which in Under natural conditions it overgrows the western and central areas of Africa. Butter nuggets have a white-brown hue, and when warmed in the hands, they change consistency to a fatty oil.

Shea butter is made from ripe nuts, which are boiled and peeled, dried and broken into small pieces. The next step is roasting, followed by grinding. This creates A velvety paste that still needs to be cleaned. The paste is rinsed with water Distilled and heats. A layer is deposited on the liquid, which must be collected in order to hardened. This traditional way of making shea butter in Africa is passed down From generation to generation.

Shea butter – properties

Wondering whether to reach for butter shea? The properties of this natural cosmetic speak for trying it. It is rich in unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, contains vitamin A And vitamin E.

Shea butter:

  • nourishes And regenerates the epidermis,
  • intensively moisturizes the skin,
  • broadcasts Skin silky smoothness and elasticity,
  • delays aging processes and protects it from free radicals (thanks to the content of the Vitamin E),
  • soothes irritation,
  • protects The skin against the adverse effects of external factors.

Valuable properties of shea butter, and its use in cosmetics

The abundance of valuable ingredients and the associated including the properties of shea butter make it widely used in cosmetics. It has regenerative, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and Antioxidant. It absorbs very well into the skin, while not causes her irritation and unwanted allergic reactions.

Shea butter can be used:

  • at Face – suitable for all skin types, intensively moisturizes, regenerates and nourishes. It is known as a remedy for dry and damaged skin. They can be added For creams and masks,
  • at lips – moisturizes and regenerates chapped skin, protects lips from frost, Wind and UV rays,
  • under eyes – neutralizes the action of free radicals and delays aging, therefore will be perfect for thin and delicate skin under the eyes. Its regular patching helps neutralize swelling and reduce dark circles,
  • at Hands and feet – will perfectly moisturize and regenerate dry and cracked skin. Just apply a thick layer of shea butter overnight and wear gloves or socks,
  • at Acne – vitamin A and E soothe redness, even out natural color and accelerate wound healing, and cinnamic acid derivatives act Antimicrobial,
  • at hair – ideal for dry, thin and damaged hair. It can replace A mask that will smooth the structure of the hair, moisturize it, give it elasticity and brilliance.

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