Cream for cracked heels Urea 30%


Cream for cracked heels Urea 30% causes strong moisturization, smoothing and regeneration of even very damaged foot skin, and in a very short time. 100% satisfied customers and to the amazing results!


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Cream for cracked heels Urea 30% recommended by podiatrist

Feet are often overlooked during daily skin care rituals. However, this is a wrong approach, since the skin in this part of the body is much thicker than in other parts and has a particular tendency to keratinize. The growing and keratinized epidermis becomes very rough, and over time can begin to peel and crack. The result is an unsightly appearance of the feet and discomfort. Cracked heels not only look messy in sandals, flip-flops or other outdoor shoes, but they can also start to hurt.

For this reason, proper care is so important. Its most important factor is regular exfoliation and removal of the growing epidermis, as well as intensive moisturization. A staple that should be in every makeup bag is a good cream. In this role, a foot cream with urea 30 will work great. It has a much richer formula than classic face, body or hand creams. It is much denser and contains a powerful injection of natural ingredients in strong concentrations that will properly take care of the thicker skin on the heels, moisturize it and prevent keratosis and cracking.

Active ingredients of the foot cream

  1. COCONUT OIL – an excellent care agent with moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties
  2. SHEA BUTTER – has moisturizing and lubricating properties
  3. MOISTURIZER intensely moisturizes
  4. LACTIC ACID – moisturizes, stimulates collagen production
  5. Lecithin – smoothens, nourishes
  6. almond oil – nourishes, smooths

How does the cream for cracked heels with 30% urea work?

Urea (carbonic acid diamide, carbamide) is a chemical that has been known for a long time – it was isolated by German chemist Friedrich Wohler as early as 1828 in a chemical reaction with ammonium cyanate. It is an odorless and crystalline white powder that can be dissolved in water or alcohol. Urea derived from ammonia and carbon dioxide is used in cosmetics.

In nature, this substance is formed in the human body during the metabolism of proteins and is one of the main moisturizing agents for the skin. This substance has the natural ability to absorb large amounts of water. Adequate urea content in the skin is responsible for the tightness of the epidermis and protects against too rapid loss of water. However, its level decreases with age (a 70-year-old has almost 8 times less of it than a 30-year-old).

The higher the concentration of urea in cosmetics, the more flaky the skin. Foot cream with urea 30 exfoliates the skin and effectively protects against keratosis. Gently, even very hardened epidermis will begin to come off the heels, exposing its young, thin and delicate layers. It will make the skin on the soles soft and absorb the nutrients in cosmetics well.

Foot cream with urea 30 from BIOSOMA

In our online store you will find dermatologically tested foot cream with urea 30. It also contains a wide range of other natural active ingredients. Urea at a concentration of 30% here has been enriched with shea butter, almond oil and coconut oil. Thus, the product will allow you to not only effectively soften and exfoliate keratinized skin on your feet. As a result, also intensively moisturize the skin, deeply nourish and regenerate it.

It is ideal even for very damaged foot skin. First of all, the cream will help you fight the problem of cracked heels in a short time and improve their appearance. The simple and natural composition is completely safe, and the right concentration of ingredients allows for excellent results.

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