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Mandelic acid 40% pH 2.5 Peeling 10 ml

The 40% mandelic acid peel is dedicated to both acne-prone skin and in professional anti-aging care. It has a purifying and smoothing effect on the skin, reducing the appearance of skin pores and fine lines.

At the same time, it helps remove blackheads. The skin after the treatment is refreshed, tightened and brightened.

  • 10 ml

not tested on animals


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Mandelic acid peeling 40% – exfoliation of the facial epidermis at home

Mandelic acid belongs to the AHA group of acids and is a great peeling agent. It is one of the gentlest acids, which, in addition to its exfoliating action, lightly moisturizes the skin and does not cause irritation. Because of the above, this acid is often used in beauty parlors, as well as in home spas.

AHAs are naturally occurring acids, extracted from natural resources. Through chemical synthesis, in addition to mandelic acid, acid is obtained, among others. lactic and glycolic. AHA acids, including mandelic acid, are excellent for fighting acne, skin aging and scarring.

What are the benefits of a 40% mandelic acid peel?

Mandelic acid is obtained from almonds. The chemical peeling performed with it is characterized by the absence of burning and redness with high therapeutic effectiveness. The peeling does not exclude the patient from daily life, and the peeling that occurs is mild and easy to conceal with commonly used moisturizing cosmetics. Most importantly, mandelic acid 40% is not photosensitizing, which means you can use it in the summer and use tanning beds….

The benefits of using a 40% mandelic acid treatment

Skin care with almond peeling gives the skin a great many benefits. First of all, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, stimulates hydration and elasticity, smooths wrinkles, lightens hyperpigmentation and spots, evens out skin tone, shallows scars, stretch marks and skin irregularities, regulates skin keratosis, cleanses and shrinks skin pores.

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Active ingredients

  1. MANDALIC ACID – exfoliates the epidermis, cleanses pores, improves hydration
  2. PLANT GLYCOL – moisturizes

Directions for use

USAGE: Saturate a gauze pad with the acid and apply to the treatment areas and leave the acid on for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with water or use BIOSOMA natural soap to serve as a neutralizer.

We use the 40% mandelic acid peel only at night.

IMPORTANT: During treatment with the 20% lactic acid peel, avoid the sun or use sunscreen. Avoid contact with your eyes!

STORAGE : Store at room temperature in a tightly closed container. Protect from moisture, heat and light.

SAFETY OF USE: Tested product. For external use only. Do not apply directly to injured skin or after invasive cosmetic procedures.

BIOSOMA cosmetics are natural and individual batches may vary slightly in fragrance and color.

Composition of acid peeling

INGREDIENTS: Propanediol, Mandelic Acid.

Natural, vegan, not tested on animals. Product in recyclable glass packaging.



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