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Fruity PAPAJA raw enzyme facial scrub is a combination of a mask and a fruit acid scrub. 100% natural product with dried extracts of pineapple, papaya, pomegranate, apple is the best addition to your skin care. The product is designed for all skin types, including vascular, sensitive skin.


  • preservative-free
  • without alcohol
  • safe for pregnant women
  • without perfumes, essential oils and dyes
  • 100% fresh
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% natural
  • raw


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Fruity raw enzyme scrub PAPAJA

Why raw and fruity? Well, there is, for us humans, no better food than fruit. They contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Only fruits quickly improve our health, well-being and, consequently, the appearance of our skin. They nourish, deacidify and improve lymph flow. That’s why the fruit was the inspiration for making this PAPAJA raw face scrub!


Peeling – properties

On our body, a thin layer of dead skin is formed every day, which needs to be exfoliated and removed. This is extremely important because it allows the skin, among other things. better assimilate nutrients. For this, the PAPAJA enzyme scrub works great, which you can also use as an extremely nourishing mask. In its composition, the scrub contains raw and low-temperature dried extracts of pineapple, papaya, pomegranate, apple, which are an incredible wealth of nutrients for our body and skin.

Tasks of PAPAJA raw face scrub/mask:

  • skin cleansing
  • exfoliation of dead skin
  • nutrition
  • evenness of color
  • providing the skin with vitamins, amino acids and minerals
  • softening of the skin


Active ingredients of raw enzymatic face scrub PAPAJA

Meet the maximum fruity cosmetic that will wonderfully take care of your skin!

  • PAPAJA – contains, among other things. papain enzyme, Firms, tightens and smooths the skin, protects against premature wrinkles, fights acne and blackheads, helps clear and unclog pores, soothes skin inflammation, exfoliates dead skin, softens and eliminates skin roughness, stimulates cell renewal, stimulates collagen production, fights hyperpigmentation, evens skin tone, improves bioavailability of active cosmetic ingredients.
  • ANANAS – contains, among other things. enzyme bromelain, has an exfoliating, cleansing effect, improves skin tone, lightens discoloration and smoothens the skin, cares for gray and tired skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces skin blemishes, helps fight acne and tendency to increased seborrhea, has a moisturizing effect, has an anti-cellulite effect, reduces swelling, soothes irritation, especially for dry, vascular and sensitive skin, as well as after retinoid treatment. It provides valuable vitamins and nutrients. It provides a healthy skin tone and seals blood vessels.
  • GRANATE – shows very strong antioxidant properties. Applied externally, it reduces skin dryness through its effect on increasing ceramide synthesis in the epidermis, improves wrinkle-prone skin, gently cleanses and narrows skin pores, used systematically, regulates the process of epidermal keratinization, brightens gray, damaged and tired skin. It is also recommended for acne skin care.
  • YELLOW – rich in AHA acids, smooths, exfoliates, helps restore proper skin hydration, helps regulate sebaceous glands, has antioxidant and antioxidant properties.
  • SUGGESTION EXTRACT – has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens blood vessels, reduces the permeability of veins and reduces swelling, has a positive effect on reducing the appearance of hematomas and bruises. Chestnut extract promotes UV protection and protects the skin from the negative effects of free radicals.
  • RED GLASS – seals blood vessels and prevents them from bursting, contains a host of beneficial macro- and microelements, including magnesium (reduces skin flaking), iron (improves skin tone), copper (essential to maintain a youthful appearance).
  • WHITE GLASS – gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin without causing irritation. Rich in silica, oxides of calcium, magnesium and sodium. Remineralizes.
  • FERMENT FROM RHODODIUM BORN – naturally protects the cosmetic from bacterial growth, and also moisturizes and improves the appearance of the skin.
  • LACTIC ACID – is one of the main components of NMF, or natural moisturizing factor. Therefore, it influences skin hydration and moisturization, maintaining proper moisture levels in the epidermis. This makes the skin soft, smooth and radiant.
  • MANGO BUTTER – regenerates the skin, has strong antioxidant properties, helps inhibit skin aging.
  • PLANT GLYCERINE – improves the appearance of the skin, prevents dryness and helps maintain the external protective barrier.


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Fruit scrub is a 100% natural facial care product. Raw, vegan, produced in small batches, always fresh. It does not contain perfumes, dyes.


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