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Ceramic Handmade Soap dish

A magnificent ceramic soap dish with draining board from a local manufactory will wonderfully highlight the character of any bathroom. It will be perfect even in minimalist interiors adding some color.

True handicraft, handmade. You can bring some art into your life right now!

The soap dish is easy to clean. It has a spout through which water is easily drained and the soap has the opportunity to dry.

Dimensions: 14 x 12 cm

Color: yellow-green

The soap dish is environmentally friendly.


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Ceramic soap dish with draining board is a zerowaste dream come true!

Many of us are wondering how to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Undoubtedly, one step will be to eliminate or significantly reduce artificial packaging in our bathroom. I’m glad I was able to introduce ceramic soap dishes to my range!

Swap your gel or liquid soap for an eco-friendly bar of soap that not only doesn’t litter our Earth, it’s often even better for our skin! The fact is that more and more skin allergies are associated with the use of strong cleansers.

Ceramic soap dish with draining board for a gift

Ceramic soap dish with draining board works great as a gift! Each of us wants to give our loved ones something special and unique, and a soap dish from a small manufactory is certainly that. It will be perfect for any type of interior!

Match the set with BIOSOMA soap and the gift-buying hassle solves itself!





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