Damask rose hydrolate

Damask Rose Hydrolate, organic, is obtained by distilling the flowers of the Rose, native to Bulgaria’s famous Rose Valley. It is characterized by a deep rose aroma. It is a top quality product used only in the best cosmetics. Often called rose water, this is a misleading term, as it has nothing to do with “perfumed” waters.


  • 100 ml
not tested on animals


Damask rose hydrolate

Damask Rose Petal Hydrolate acts as a gentle tonic on the skin, refreshing, softening and moisturizing. It leaves the skin smooth, firm and cleansed.

Hydrolat is an ideal product to use before applying natural oil, to refresh and tone, including hair. Rose water has lifting, rejuvenating and energizing properties. Ideal for all skin types even very sensitive. Especially recommended for mature, gray, tired skin. Perfect after facial cleansing, after sun bathing, when traveling or after exercise as a natural, refreshing mist.

There is a very delicate, distinctive scent of damask rose petals.

Damask rose – the queen of flowers

Damask rose is the true queen of flowers growing in the famous Valley of Roses in Bulgaria. Its distinguishing feature is its intoxicating aroma. Organic damask rose petal hydrolate is made by distilling the flowers. It has a toning effect, perfectly refreshes the skin, cleanses it, softens and moisturizes it. It will be especially suitable for mature skin, as it has a lifting effect, leaving the skin firm and perfectly smooth.


Spray the water with an atomizer on the cleansed face, body and hair. Apply to the skin before applying oil or cream.

You can make a poultice – apply a gauze pad soaked in rose water around the eyes, eyelids, on skin that is particularly gray and tired.

Form: colorless, clear liquid, natural precipitate is possible. The fragrance is characteristic of rose.
Ingredients: Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Citric Acids, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.
pH 5.4-6.9
Capacity: 100 ml
Weight 1 g


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