Lotion for very dry skin


A unique, extremely moisturizing lotion for very dry skin. It contains natural ingredients that quickly improve the appearance of the skin.


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Lotion for very dry skin with urea

BIOSOMA lotion is ideal for dry skin in need of nourishment and regeneration. The extremely delicate texture of the cosmetic takes care of the correct state of hydration, perfectly soothes and makes the body more resilient.

The lotion has a multi-tasking effect:

  • takes excellent care of hydration and firming of the body
  • takes care of the correct pH of the skin

The lotion contains only natural components. Its lightweight formula means that the cosmetic spreads well, absorbs perfectly and restores the skin’s natural pH. Ideal for all skin types that need deep hydration and nourishment.

Thanks to the content of natural oils, the lotion has a soothing effect, provides the skin with elasticity and silky softness. Shea butter or olive oil are among the most valuable nutrients in cosmetics. It lubricates and accelerates the healing of minor irritations.

Active Ingredients:

  1. Urea 5% – strongly moisturizes, retains water in the skin
  2. Olive oil – firms, smooths, provides nutrients and vitamins
  3. Brown algae extract – gives silky smoothness, nourishes
  4. Shea butter – smooths, nourishes, improves the appearance of the skin
  5. Cranberry extract – nourishes, provides valuable vitamins
  6. NMF ingredient (Sodium PCA) – moisturizes and improves elasticity, reduces transepidermal water loss TEWL
  7. Pentavitin – increase hydration of the stratum corneum and hydration of the skin, improves elasticity, flexibility and smoothness
  8. Orange essential oil – gives a wonderful fragrance, improves circulation, stimulates the senses



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