Gift set – Universal for the body

Gift set – universal for the body. Hand cream and foot cream included.


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Gift set – universal for the body

Sometimes we are afraid to choose a set of facial cosmetics, because we don’t quite know what the recipient needs. The answer to such dilemmas is a body kit that will satisfy all people.

Regenerating hand cream 120 ml

An effective combination of avocado oil, linseed oil, almond oil, lavender essential oil and Shea butter with concentrated urea (10%) is the combination to make your hands regain their former shine. Regenerating Hand Cream – Avocado, Urea can successfully be used on dry and cracked skin of the feet or on other lesions on the body (psoriasis, eczema). 100% satisfied customers! The cream is increasingly chosen by the medical community (frequent hand disinfection), not only for its great composition, but especially for its immediate effect.

Cream for dry feet Urea 30% 120 ml

Cream for cracked, dry heels Urea 30% is an effective combination of coconut oil, almond oil and Shea butter with concentrated urea (30%) results in strong hydration, smoothing and regeneration of even very damaged foot skin and in a very short time. 100% satisfied customers and to the amazing results!

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