Eclipta powder 50g

Eclipta is one of the most important plants with healing and hair-strengthening properties of Indian medicine – Ayurveda. The Indian name for eclipta is Bhringraj, which means “Lord of the Hair.”

  • Strengthens and prevents graying of hair
  • supports the treatment of many ailments
  • Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects


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Eclipta excellent for hair

Eclipta is a great hair care and strengthening agent. Used alone in the form of conditioners, it strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss, as well as stimulates and accelerates hair growth. After using it, hair becomes thicker, thicker and silky smooth. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties, it also strengthens the scalp – soothes and heals inflammation manifested by irritation, itching and flaking, and helps fight dandruff. Due to its content of natural dyes: lavson and eumelanin, it slightly darkens the hair and, in the case of gray hair, may contribute to the re-coloring of the gray hair fiber.

Directions for use

As an ingredient in hair and face masks:

  • masks for all hair types and colors, including: mask kept on hair for 1 hour recommended for dark and gray hair; mask kept on hair for 10-15 minutes recommended for blond hair
  • Face masks, including: for all skin types as a mask to slightly darken skin color; as a healing mask for acne-prone complexions.


Eclipta Alba Powder.


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